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Allie Kat


Species: Bengal Tigers
Birth Date: Apr-21-2005
Gender: Female
Arrival: Jun-20-2005
Adoptable: Yes
Price: $100 /month

Youtube Gallery:


Allie Kat and Rasul were confiscated by the US customs before being turned over to the Fish & Wildlife department when someone was attempting to smuggle them into Mexico. They were sent to IEAS from Laredo, TX at approximately 9 weeks of age. The two cubs were raised by Animal Behaviorist, Louis and the IEAS Staff using our unique Emotional Enrichment Program. Allie Kat was named by Heinz Simon, who generously donated money to help build her habitat, after his wife, Allison. Their habitat consists of trees for shade, multiple perches, a pool and many enrichment items to play with. To this day, their favorite item remains a little pig-head toy. It is a toy they arrived with and still have not torn up. They are very attached to it.  


Allie Kat enjoys spending time under her perch. During the warmer months, you may see her lying in her waterfall sleeping. She also enjoys playing with Rasul. Usually she is the one being chased, but when she's had enough, she lets him know it. She can a very affectionate tiger and will come over and greet those she trusts with a chuff and affectionate moan; however, she can become insecure and nervous around some people at any given moment.

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