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Dorfman Bear Orphanage


Species: american black bears
Birth Date: Nov-15-2007
Gender: Female
Arrival: May-14-2009
Price: $100 /month

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Bear Orphanage consists of two beautiful, naturalistic, five-acre habitats for the black bears of IEAS.  Each habitat has the ability to house up to nine bears.  The habitats are tailored to fit the specific needs of these animals, and all natural settings were incorporated in the final design and construction of this habitat.  Each five-acre area features forest and meadow areas along with ponds and dens, which are all part of the natural ecosystem for the bear.  There are two holding areas and two feeding areas in each habitat that allow the staff to safely feed the bears and monitor their health.

Bear Orphanage offers an enriching habitat that provides for the mental and physical well-being of the bears as well as an exciting, educational experience for all those who visit.  Currently, there are ten black bears living in Black Bear Orphanage.  Since being moved into this natural environment, these bears have been exhibiting natural behaviors that you would see in the wild such as hibernating, swimming in a pond, climbing trees, digging for grubs and other insects and interacting with other bears. 

Again, here at IEAS, we are strongly devoted to educating the public about the importance of preserving these amazing beings.  Allowing the public to see these animals in their natural setting will provide us with an excellent opportunity to do just that.  Informative conservation signs are found along the nature trail making the public aware of the importance and the need to conserve the magnificent animals. 

We constructed Bear Orphanage to offer to an enriching habitat that will provide for the mental and physical well being of the bear residents as well as an exciting, educational experience for all those who visit.  These large, natural habitats allow the bears to be as natural as they can be.  Many of the bears have already exhibited natural behaviors such as forming social groups, digging their own dens, climbing trees and playing in the ponds. 

With the reemergence of the American black bear into Texas, this is a prime opportunity to educate the public about the importance of preserving these animals.  During the tours, we educate the public how to coexist with the black bear thus helping the bears in the wild increase their chances of successful reintroduction.  For once, we have the opportunity to help bring back a native animal into the state of Texas.  By educating the public, the reemergence of black bears in a viable population is not a dream but a reality.


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