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Species: Siberian Tigers
Birth Date: Jun-01-1997
Gender: Male
Arrival: Feb-18-1998
Adoptable: Yes
Price: $100 /month

Youtube Gallery:


A man bought Caesar as a gift for his girlfriend. Then he gave Caesar to his grandfather in Glen Rose, TX when he no longer wanted him. The man told his grandfather to shoot the tiger if he did not return to get him. After four months of caring for the tiger, the grandfather called the SPCA for help. Caesar was brought to IEAS by the SPCA of Dallas. He was only about seven months old when he arrived at his new home. He was housed in our quarantine facility until a permanent habitat was built for him. Nobody knows what care or nutrition Caesar had for the first seven months of his life except that he was kept in isolation in the grandfather's barn with no emotional stimulation or affection. He therefore had to be given the nurturing and love that had been denied him by both his mother or human caregivers, and it took him some time to trust that others did care. Now Caesar is happy, secure and living the life he deserves. Caesar has been put on medication for his joint problems which were caused by an improper diet as a young cub.

Caesar is a very active tiger and spends lots of time having fun with his perches, pool and a 31" red boomer ball. Caesar's red boomer ball is his favorite enrichment item by far. Every morning while we feed him, he rolls his ball around and jumps on top of it. He has even tried to bring it into his house a few times even though it doesn't fit. Watching Caesar try to take his 31" diameter boomer ball into his house through his 30" wide door opening is better than priceless!


Caesar can be extremely mellow and relaxed and enjoy the company of humans one minute, and the next he can stalk and attempt to sneak up on any unsuspecting individual who happens by his habitat. He loves attention and loves it when friends sit by him while he takes a nap either in the fall of his pool or on his perch. Establishing a bond with Caesar will take time but it is well worth it for all involved. Caesar has developed a close bond with Louis, IEAS Animal Behaviorist. Louis developed a close bond with Caesar within a short time through the use of the Emotional Enrichment Program, but it took Caesar years to develop the trust and respect for another being that he had been denied in his childhood. For about four years he would test Louis by running towards him as if to attack. Then, when Louis didn't flinch or show apprehension, Caesar would turn away at the last second and start to chuff and rub against Louis, satisfied that Louis deserved his respect and confidence. This became a frequent game which Caesar finally quit when he was completely satisfied that he and Louis shared mutual respect and trust. Now, they sit together on Caesar's perch and enjoy the day on frequent occasions. Although Caesar is an unusually aggressive tiger, Louis says that he trusts Caesar perhaps more than any other tiger at the Sanctuary, for Caesar is very intelligent and has satisfied himself that Louis is his friend and is completely comfortable with the boundaries of their relationship.

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