Providing a Safe and Caring Environment for Exotic Animals




Species: Bobcats
Birth Date: Mar-17-2008
Gender: Female
Arrival: May-12-2008
Adoptable: Yes
Price: $50 /month

Youtube Gallery:


Chrissy arrived at the Sanctuary when she was just eight weeks old. She had been orphaned after her mother was tragically shot. Chrissy arrived with Tricia, another female bobcat who was just four weeks old at the time, and stuck in the same situation as Chrissy. These two youngsters were raised by the staff and interns of IEAS using our unique Emotional Enrichment Program. Chrissy stayed with Tricia in our quarantine area until the two were old enough to be moved to their permanent home. Chrissy and Tricia now live in a spacious, naturalistic habitat complete with plenty of trees to climb, perches, grass, toys, and a house for shelter and a cave to cool off in during the hot summer months.

When the girls first moved into their new home, they were a little apprehensive about being in such a large space and about all of their new surroundings. Initially, they would not come down from their highest perch to explore unless the keepers came down to sit with them. It took just a short time for them to figure out that their new neighbors, namely a large jaguar to the west and two very large white tigers to the north, would not be able to get them. Once they realized that they were safe and secure, they had enough confidence to explore every inch of their habitat, even when the keepers weren't around to protect them. Now you will find both Chrissy and Tricia running around, playing together, climbing on all of the trees and perched, and just loving life here at IEAS.


Chrissy has grown into quite a loving, confident young cat. Once she knows and trusts a person, she will usually come down to lay nearby her visitor. She is also very loving with her friend, Tricia. Very often you will find these two snuggled together on their perch or lying on the ground grooming each other. She is extremely watchful of all of her surroundings and will spend hours sitting and watching the birds flying around her habitat, just trying to figure out a way to catch one!

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