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Species: american black bears
Birth Date: Jan-25-2010
Gender: Female
Arrival: Aug-31-2010
Adoptable: Yes
Price: $125 /month

Youtube Gallery:


Greta came to us from a gentleman in Houston, TX. This Good Samaritan rescued her from an animal shelter in IL. Greta had been exploited by a zoo for her cuteness and used in photo ops in order to make money. When she could no longer provide profits, she was left at an animal shelter that was not equipped to care for her. The Good Samaritan knew if he didn't rescue Greta, she would probably end up being euthanized. Most captive born bears, outside the zoological institutions, will face an uncertain future, full of torment and sad unimaginable outcomes.

A few months after rescuing Greta, the Good Samaritan began to realize how lonely Greta was and how badly she needed a friend. He called Richard, Director of IEAS, for help and advice. That is when he learned that IEAS had a little bear cub, Scooter, who needed a friend as well. So, Greta came to join Scooter at IEAS. In just the first hour of being together, Scooter and Great hit it off. They enjoy each others' company and have been playing almost non stop. This is truly a happy ending for both bears.

Now, in Bear Orphanage, Greta and Scooter enjoy the company of Scamp, a bear that is one year older than they are. It did take Greta some time to warm up to Scamp. She was just unsure of him at first, but after watching Scamp and Scooter play, she began to join in on the fun. Scamp is like a big brother to them, and they love each others' company. Greta especially enjoys snuggling with Scamp inside their den or at the base of a tree. All three bears enjoy exploring the five-acre habitat and are seen roaming around during the warmer months. The naturalistic environment allows them to grow and experience the freedom of open skies and seemingly endless boundaries.


Greta is a very confident, affectionate little girl. She is very loving and gentle and enjoys to visit with her caregivers and those she trusts.  She is one of many animals at IEAS who benefit from Emotional Enrichment.  .

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