Providing a Safe and Caring Environment for Exotic Animals




Species: Bengal Tigers
Birth Date: Aug-14-2004
Gender: Male
Arrival: Sep-15-2004
Adoptable: Yes
Price: $100 /month


Arusha, Akbar, & Kumar came to IEAS in order to help another sanctuary avoid licensing problems. They were raised by our Behaviorist, Louis, and the IEAS staff from 5 weeks old. We raised these cubs using our unique Emotional Enrichment Program. It was because of this, that these three tigers are some of the most affectionate, confident and secure tigers at IEAS and perhaps anywhere else. In six years, they have not shown any aggressive action whatsoever towards any human. They frequently shower Louis with chuffs, rubs and licks. He spends three days a week sitting and visiting with them and occasionally lying with them under their cedar tree shade area. You won't see a tiger like them anywhere else. They had a care-free childhood and were, and still are, able to act like tigers. In addition, they show great affection towards each other and lay together daily grooming each other and going to sleep with their paws around each other, even though tigers are solitary animals in the wild. They enjoy a spacious habitat with a big pool, trees, perches and many enrichment items to play with. We just wish all our animals had this kind of beginning--physically and emotionally. Kumar was named by the Ed Browne who generously donated funds needed to build his habitat.


Kumar means "Prince". He is by far the most affectionate and vocal of his siblings. He is the first to come over for a visit. Kumar will come over and affectionately rub his face on Louis' chest when Louis visits them during the day. He does have crossed eyes, which is a genetic mutation due to excessive in-breeding. However, that doesn't slow him down one bit. His sight is just as good as the rest of them. He is perhaps the most affectionate tiger anyone has encountered with humans, and he is equally loving with his siblings, often seeking them out to groom and lie beside with his paw across their shoulder.

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