Providing a Safe and Caring Environment for Exotic Animals




Species: american black bears
Birth Date: Feb-04-2008
Gender: Male
Arrival: Nov-19-2008
Adoptable: Yes
Price: $125 /month

Youtube Gallery:


IEAS received a news flash from the Alaska Fish and Game as they tried to find a home for an orphaned bear cub attempting to hibernate under the porch of a private residence. IEAS had less than ten hours to get all the paperwork and everything to save this helpless bear from being euthanized. The next afternoon, this little bear cub, who was appropriately named Lucky, was en route to his new home with a new lease on a wonderful life.

When Lucky arrived, he was moved to a five-acre habitat known as Bear Orphanage. Once released into Bear Orphanage, he kept to himself and spent most of his time in a pine tree. He would come down to eat, but he was very timid around humans. We were all very worried about Lucky's transition. Nobody would ever know what happened to Lucky's mom or how long he tried to fend for himself.

Fortunately, we rescued a female bear about the same age as Lucky a few months later. In time, Lucky formed a wonderful companionship with her and now spends most of his time with her playing in the meadow, hanging out in a tree or sleeping in the thickets with her. This companionship has even made Lucky more trusting of humans. After months of watching Lucy and Louis interact, Lucky is now making strides with great curiosity for his own interaction. Lucky sees this attention and actually craves it himself, but he is not sure exactly how to go about it. Every day Lucky shows that he still enjoys the company of Louis and Christi. He has come so far, emotionally and physically, since he first arrived at IEAS.  



Lucky was a bit shy at first but has since opened up.  Lucky is known as the "Big Brother" of Bear Orphanage.  He is a very accepting bear and gets along with all the bears residing in Bear Orphanage.  We believe this was established through the use of the Emotional Enrichment Program

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