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Species: american black bears
Birth Date: Jan-06-2008
Gender: Female
Arrival: Feb-25-2009
Adoptable: Yes
Price: $125 /month

Youtube Gallery:


Lucy was rescued from a facility that could no longer care for her. When Lucy was moved to a holding area at Bear Orphanage, it was the first time shehad ever stepped foot on grass. For all her life, she only had gravel to walk on and her cage had a tin roof on top of it. She had never climbed a tree before and with her claws so long, it took some time before she even tried.

Lucy is a very outgoing, affectionate bear who craves love and attention from most people. She quickly formed a close bond with the Animal Behaviorist, Louis. Lucy would follow Louis wherever he went and would immediately get in his lap when he sat down, moaning with affectionate sounds of happiness and satisfaction. She even enjoys sitting with Louis and suckles on his hand. After a few weeks getting adjusted to her surroundings in the holding area, Louis began taking her on walks around Bear Orphanage, a natural five-acre habitat. She would follow Louis as he took her around to where Lucky hung out. After seeing Lucky for the first time, she immediately wanted his attention, but Lucky was still unsure and leery of any contact with bear or human. After a few months, we finally saw Lucy and Lucky together. They are inseparable now. They spend all day together playing in the meadow, a tree or just sleeping together in the thickets.

Lucy even started spending a lot of time with Dakar. The first time we noticed this interaction was when Christi took some honey down and poured it on a tree trunk. Lucy came right over to lick it up, and Dakar came out of the woods and joined her. They sat there side-by-side licking the honey. Another afternoon, Louis and Christi saw Dakar following Lucy around after their afternoon snack and touching noses. It seems that Lucy is capturing the hearts of all the male bears (and humans) at Bear Orphanage.


Lucy is a very affectionate bear and loves getting attention from Louis and other visitors who stop by to provide her with emotional enrichment.  You will likely see her on a tour following guests around Bear Orphanage. 

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