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Species: Servals
Birth Date: Jan-21-2002
Gender: Male
Arrival: Jun-28-2007
Adoptable: Yes
Price: $50 /month

Youtube Gallery:


Luna and Raja were five years of age when they arrived and had poor mobility in their hind quarters due to an improper diet. They had lived in the bedroom of a house in Lincoln, Nebraska for all their life and had probably never stepped foot on grass before. After their owner passed away, the servals were found by the Police and Animal Control, who then confiscated the animals. The two were housed temporarily at Folsom's Children Zoo in Lincoln, Nebraska before coming to IEAS.

IEAS worked with Luna to get him on a normal, healthy diet with supplements to help his muscles develop properly. When he first arrived, he was very weak in his back legs and was not able to jump very well. After receiving the proper care and having room to move and jump, Luna is now walking and moving around better. He is able to jump up on the perches and into his house with more ease. Luna spends most of his time lying on one of his top perches or in his igloo. He is very curious about new things and will come over to check out new visitors as they spend time with him.


 Luna is a curious feline who always come over to see who stopped by for a visit.  He is one of many animals at IEAS who benefit from the Emotional Enrichment Program.

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