Providing a Safe and Caring Environment for Exotic Animals




Species: cheetahs
Birth Date: Sep-21-2003
Gender: Male
Arrival: Feb-23-2004
Adoptable: Yes
Price: $100 /month

Youtube Gallery:


Mau came to IEAS from the Oakhill Center for Rare & Endangered Species in Oklahoma. Mau was five months old when he arrived. Up to that point, he was mother raised with his siblings. When he arrived, he was a little unsure of his surroundings having been just weaned from his mother. After letting him get settled in, Louis, Animal Behaviorist, and Christi, Curator/Asst. Behaviorist, began spending time with Mau providing him with the sense of security and comfort his mother would provide. After a few days, with the help of our Emotional Enrichment Program, Mau began to come over and sniff Louis and Christi trying to figure things out. It didn't take much longer for him to feel comfortable around them. He would lie with them on the ground, under the tree or on his hill.

Over the last few years, Mau has become very affectionate with Louis and Christi. He enjoys their visits and even enjoys being stroked along his chest and neck after eating his meal.  



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