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Species: White Nosed Coati
Birth Date: Oct-08-2003
Gender: Male
Arrival: Apr-27-2012
Adoptable: Yes
Price: $50 /month

Youtube Gallery:


Mork and Mindy came from a couple in Glen Rose Texas.  They were previously given to the couple by a friend of a relative who could no longer care for them.  After about ten months, the caring couple knew these two coatis needed and deserved a better life, so Mork and Mindy were brought to IEAS.  Mork was ecstatic to be outside and able to climb.  Mindy was more interested in sniffing all the new smells around her.  The two eventually settled into one of their hammocks for the night.  Their habitat is equipped with a walking ramp encircling the habitat, hammocks, enrichment items and plenty of perches to lounge on, and even a mister system to help them keep cool.   These two coatis now get to enjoy the outdoors like they were meant to. Mork is one of many animals at IEAS that benefits from the Emotional Enrichment Program.  He started off shy and cautious at first, but now he loves the attention he gets during his daily visits. 


Mork is a little shy at first, and it usally takes him a while to warm up to people.  He seems very curious and will check out new people from the top of his ramp.  So far, he tends to enjoy being up high able to look around and watch everything. 

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