Providing a Safe and Caring Environment for Exotic Animals




Species: Bengal Tigers
Birth Date: Oct-31-2015
Gender: Female
Arrival: Apr-27-2016
Adoptable: Yes
Price: $100.00 /Month


 Nahla was found wandering on Coral Cove Pass in Conroe, TX. She had managed to escape when rain had flooded the property she was kept on and as a result ended up wandering the streets of Conroe with a collar on. After being caught, she was taken to the Conroe City Animal Shelter for temporary holding. During this time, the owner stepped forward but was in violation of city ordinance for having a 'dangerous animal' within city limits. A hearing was held and temporary custody was awarded to the City of Conroe with the intent to send here to IEAS as her permanent home. The Houston Zoo, Houston SPCA, and the local USDA inspector where contacted as references for the hearing that resulted in her placement at IEAS. Sgt. Waller of the Conroe Police Department and Mindi Mayfield of Conroe City Animal Control transported her from Conroe to IEAS. That very morning, before being transported to IEAS, a masked individual broke into the Conroe Animal Shelter and it was believed they were after Nahla.


 Nahla is a playful and affectionate tiger. She is responding well to our Emotional Enrichment Program and is bonding well with our Animal Behavorist, Louis Dorfman, and the IEAS Staff.

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