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Species: Lions
Birth Date: Mar-13-2013
Gender: Male
Arrival: Jun-30-2013
Price: $100 /month


Odin came to IEAS after spending the first few months of his life being used for profit in photo opportunities.


Odin spends his time doing whatever he pleases! He is enjoying, and already benefitting immensely from, proper diet and nutrition. With all of the necessary vitamins, minerals, and supplements added into his meat, which is specially formulated for big cats, this growing boy is strong, healthy, and getting bigger every day! This young lion has a gentle nature, and finds true comfort in visits from his new human friends. His affectionate and loving demeanor has been enhanced considerably by the Emotional Enrichment Program that our Animal Behaviorist has designed and that all who work with Odin employ. Odin has formed incredible bonds and loves the company of his human caregivers. We are truly honored to be a part of his new life! Odin is so playful, active, and confident. He loves his toys, most specifically – his rope ball. He will run as fast as he can to pounce on it, then roll all over with it!

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