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Species: Bobcats
Birth Date: Oct-30-1996
Gender: Male
Arrival: Jan-18-1999
Adoptable: Yes
Price: $50 /month

Youtube Gallery:


After being confiscated when he was almost two and a half years old, Pecos was sent to live at IEAS by the North Texas Humane Society. Pecos was named after the city, Pecos, TX. His personality matches this place perfectly, dry and arid. Pecos would just rather not be bothered by people at all. He is not a shy or nervous cat by any means; he just doesn't really care for company. We respect that about Pecos and just give him his space. Pecos lives in a large habitat with grass, perches, a house and a cave for shelter, and misters to keep cool during the hot Texas summers. He loves to spend the evenings up on his highest perch, watching everything that is going on around him. His favorite toy is his tennis ball which he plays with it during the very early morning hours, sometimes playing so much that he bats it through the fence. Keepers will often find the ball in the morning and toss it back in to him so he can play with it again!


 Pecos tends to keep to himslef, but he does enjoy ocassional visits from those he trusts who are there to provide him with emotional enrichment

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