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Species: american black bears
Birth Date: Feb-18-2009
Gender: Male
Arrival: Jun-16-2009
Adoptable: Yes
Price: $125 /month

Youtube Gallery:


Rowdy arrived with his siblings, Pixie and Rascal.  These three little bear cubs were set to be euthanized a day after their mother was tragically shot in front of them by an irresponsible hunter. Wyoming Game and Fish Department authorities called IEAS on a Saturday in June for one chance at a reprieve for the cubs, and by the following Monday, a generous benefactor had his private jet landing in Pinedale, Wyoming. The three motherless bears arrived at IEAS that afternoon.

When they arrived, these helpless bears were just four months old and weighed about ten pounds each. They were extremely shy, scared and wary of all humans. However, all that has changed now, thanks to our unique Emotional Enrichment Program. Through this program, our Animal Behaviorist, Louis Dorfman, and his Assistant, Christi Gilbreth, have been able to help these delicate animals adjust from a life in the wild to one in captivity. They now look upon their human caregivers as a source of security, affection and comfort and look forward to their visits. The fear they once showed when they arrived has now been replaced with confidence, joy and curiosity. These orphaned bears are able to act like wild bears, just in a captive setting. Pixie, Rascal and Rowdy are enjoying a five-acre, natural habitat with four other bears. Since being released into Bear Orphanage, they have gotten well adjusted to the other bears. They have been seen playing together at times and will eat in the same areas together.


Rowdy has always been a more reserved bear. He keeps to himself most of the time; though he has been seen with his siblings, Rascal and Pixie, on a few occasions.

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