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Species: Bengal Tigers
Birth Date: May-25-2013
Gender: Male
Arrival: Jun-30-2013
Price: $100 /month

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Saber came from the same place as Odin


Saber is so full of energy, and growing faster than we can blink. We can already tell that this handsome young boy is going to grow into a BIG tiger; you can almost see him grow! His appetite is great, and it has been amazing to watch his confidence and security grow here at IEAS. From the initially wobbly legs he arrived with, Saber has become stronger and sturdier, and his agility is improving daily. We love to see him bounding around, climbing on logs, and skillfully practicing stalking! He is always sure to come back and visit with his friends. Saber’s loving chuffs and nuzzles show us just how content and secure he is in his new home and with his new family. He is starting with the Emotional Enrichment Program designed by our Animal Behaviorist at a young age, and he is already showing us how quickly and positively it effects him. He is extremely loving and gentle with his caregivers as they are to him, and we are sure that Saber will grow up to be a loving, stable, confident, secure, and content tiger. We can’t wait to continue to watch him grow!

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