Providing a Safe and Caring Environment for Exotic Animals




Species: american black bears
Birth Date: Feb-28-2009
Gender: Male
Arrival: Jan-15-2010
Adoptable: Yes
Price: $125 /month


On a cold winter morning in Valdez Alaska, an Alaskan resident walked outside to find a hungry black bear cub rummaging through his garbage looking for food in two feet of snow. With no mother in sight, an obvious sign this frightened cub needed some help, the resident was able to get the motherless bear into a dog carrier in his garage. He then contacted the Alaska Department of Fish and Game who made arrangements for him to be picked up. With the help of Shana Anderson, Manager of the Animal Shelter Facility in Valdez, the cub was then taken to the Alaska Zoo until a permanent home was found for him. If one could not be found, the helpless cub was to be euthanized. IEAS received word that this vulnerable bear cub needed a new home and immediately contacted the Alaska Department of Fish and Game to offer assistance. With the help of the Dallas Zoo, Texas Parks and Wildlife, and the Humane Society of the United States, a letter campaign to the Alaska Department of Fish and Game began to have them release the innocent baby bear to IEAS. With all this wonderful support, the Alaska Department agreed to send the bear cub to the Sanctuary. With the assistance of Shannon Jenson, Curator of the Alaska Zoo, the little cub boarded a plane in Anchorage Alaska and arrived in Texas where he was met by the Staff of IEAS to take him on his final trip to his new home. This once doomed bear cub now has a second lease on life and will have the best quality of life possible in captivity!

Scamp is now enjoying his life in one of the five-acre habitats of Bear Orphanage. He has become part of a social group with two other bears who are a year younger than him. Scamp was a little unsure what to think of Greta and Scooter, but he quickly warmed up to both of them within a few days. In a way, he has become a big brother to both of them. He enjoys playing and rough housing with Scooter while snuggling and napping with Greta. These three bears are enjoying their second chance to have a happy, carefree life together.  


Scamp is a very affectionate bear. He already longs for attention; whenever Louis, Animal Behaviorist, or Christi, Asst. Behaviorist, spend time with him, he comes right over for some attention. He often enjoys belly rubs from Louis during their visits together. Using our Emotional Enrichment Program , Louis and Christi were able to provide Scamp with the security, comfort and affection he once received from his mother as a cub.

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