Providing a Safe and Caring Environment for Exotic Animals




Species: american black bears
Birth Date: Dec-31-2009
Gender: Male
Arrival: Jun-08-2010
Adoptable: Yes
Price: $125 /month


Scooter was found wandering at Excursion Inlet just west of Juneau, Alaska. He was motherless, alone and frightened. He was sent to Fortress of the Bear for safe keeping until a home could be found. "Alaska typically does not take a wild animal into captivity unless it has a facility ready to accept it," says Shumacher, acknowledging that otherwise it would have been necessary to euthanize him. IEAS immediately responded to this call and accepted responsibility for his care throughout his life.

Scooter was picked up at Sitka, Alaska by Richard Gilbreth, Executive Director, and allowed to ride in the airplane cabin due to the assistance of Alaska Airlines and their booking agent, Kerri.

When Scooter arrived, it didn't take him long to become bonded with staff members of IEAS and explore his new home. He has benefited greatly from our Emotional Enrichment Program in which we provide him with a source of security, comfort and affection that he would have received from his mother.

After being at IEAS for two months, we realized that Scooter was missing out on companionship, a playmate. In August, IEAS received word of another bear cub Scooter's age, was in need of a new home. When Greta arrived, Scooter was in heaven! It took them less than an hour to hit it off, and he and Greta are inseparable! Scooter and Greta are now enjoying their life in Bear Orphanage: a beautiful, naturalistic, five-acre habitat that consists of forest and meadow areas along with ponds and dens, which are all part of the natural ecosystem for the black bear. Now Scooter has another playmate. Scooter hit it off with Scamp, a bear who is a year older than he is. Scooter spends most of his days playing with Scamp. He still loves to play with Greta, but she quickly tires of his rough housing. So he gives her a break to rough house with his big brother, Scamp.

Though Scooter is a very playful bear, he still makes time for his visits with Louis and Christi. He, Greta, and Scooter still join Louis for their afternoon peanut parties. It's a social event for him. He still enjoys the affection he receives from his two "parents" every now and then. We are so glad that Scooter was able to have such a carefree childhood, able to act like a wild bear, only in a captive setting.


Scooter is a very playful and outgoing bear. He is extremely confident and not afraid of new things. He is full of energy and enjoys playing with his two friends.

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