Providing a Safe and Caring Environment for Exotic Animals




Species: american black bears
Birth Date: Mar-04-2011
Gender: Male
Arrival: Oct-18-2011
Adoptable: Yes
Price: $125 /month

Youtube Gallery:


This poor, motherless cub was found wandering along the highway in Wyoming.  His mother was hit by a car, and after witnessing his mother's death, he began wandering around looking for food.  The Wyoming Game and Fish Department were able to capture him and called IEAS for help.  Once the cub was healthy enough to make the trip, he was brought to IEAS by Cole Hanson and Sam Lockwood of the Wyoming Game and Fish Department. 

He was very nervous when he arrived at his new home.  Animal Behaviorist, Louis Dorfman, and IEAS Staff worked hard to provide this motherless bear with the source of security, comfort and affection he once received from his mother. 

Scoundrel, as we now call him, is enjoying his new home at Bear Orphanage.  He shares a natural five-acre habitat with seven other bears.  He favorite spots seems to be up in the trees watching everything go on below him.  He does come down for food and has been seen digging for grubs on numerous occasions.   He is now able to act like a wild bear only in a captive setting.  Scoundrel has really opened up is becoming more and more curious about his human caregivers.  He has benefited greatly from the Emotional Enrichment Program. 


Scoundrel is a very shy bear and is still unsure of humans.  However, he is getting more and more comfortable with his caregivers each day. 

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