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Species: Lions
Birth Date: Apr-30-1996
Gender: Female
Arrival: Sep-01-1996

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Nala was malnourished and suffering from severe osteoporosis when Jim Dunlap of the Plano ISD Living Materials Center picked her up at a Dallas Animal Control Facility. At just four months of age, all of her major bones except a front leg had hairline fractures as a result of improper diet. Because of her condition, she was able to do little more than hold her head up. After months of receiving the proper care and nutrition, Nala was able to stand and walk around with a slight limp. She was kept in part of our quarantine area while a habitat was being built for her. When she was strong enough, she was introduced to Kuru, a male lion who was also being housed in our quarantine area, for company. They both loved each other and played almost non-stop. Since they got along so well, IEAS Staff decided to allow them to remain together. Today, Nala still walks with a limp in one of her front legs, but that doesn't slow her down one bit. She loves to chase her red boomer ball up and down the fence while she is waiting to be fed each morning. 


Nala is an extremely affectionate lion and enjoys company from just about anyone.  She is one animal who craves Emotional Enrichment

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