Providing a Safe and Caring Environment for Exotic Animals




Species: Lions
Birth Date: Jan-22-1993
Gender: Female
Arrival: Sep-01-1994
Adoptable: Yes
Price: $100 /month

Youtube Gallery:


Shauna was taken in by the Plano Living Materials Center after she was shot in the foot by a panicked mother concerned for her child's safety. Although she lost a toe, Shauna has recovered and is not hindered by the injury. The owner did not have the permit required to keep Shauna.

Shauna quickly became a favorite with all staff, volunteers and interns. She enjoys attention from just about anyone. She has a bench next to her house and she comes over immediately and affectionately rolls along the fence. She will eventually flop down and roll on her back. She also enjoys spending time with Louis. Her favorite thing to do during Louis' visit is chew on sticks that he gives her while she lies on her perch, or on occasion she likes to lie on the ground and play ball. Louis will kick a boomer ball to her, and she will swat it back to Louis with her paw. She sometimes plays this game for quite a while before tiring of it. 


Shauna is extremely intelligent and playful. Her sparkling eyes betray the inquisitive and creative personality she possesses. She is one of the many animals at IEAS who have benefited from the Emotional Enrichment Program

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