Providing a Safe and Caring Environment for Exotic Animals




Species: american black bears
Birth Date: Jan-17-2013
Gender: Male
Arrival: Dec-06-2014
Adoptable: Yes
Price: $125 /month

Youtube Gallery:


 Sunshine was originally purchased from a safari park in Springfield, MO at just two weeks of age. He was living in his owner's home in Kansas until he became too much to handle, at which point he was moved to an outdoor kennel. Because Kansas prohibited the private ownership of bears and big cats in 2006, and Sunshine was purchased in 2013, his owner was in violation of the law and Sunshine was confiscated. The HSUS worked with several groups to find a home for Sunshine here at the Sanctuary. 


 Sunshine is a quiet and affectionate bear. He seems very interested in his new home and family, and he has already begun to settle in comfortably. We have begun to work with Sunshine through the Emotional Enrichment Program by initiating secure and comfortable relationships. We are eager to see how Sunshine's confidence and happiness grow as he adjusts to his new home! 

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