Providing a Safe and Caring Environment for Exotic Animals




Species: Cougars
Birth Date: Jul-15-2011
Gender: Male
Arrival: Oct-18-2011
Adoptable: Yes
Price: $75 /month

Youtube Gallery:


This little cub was brought to IEAS by Cole Hanson and Sam Lockwood of the Wyoming Game and Fish Department after being abandoned by his mom.  His mom was a radio collared cougar.  The Wyoming Game and Fish Department was monitoring her movements and discovered the female had abandoned one of her cubs.  This is often the case when a cougar has a large litter and either food is scarce or conditions are hard.  She will usually take the largest cubs and leave the others. 

This helpless little boy now enjoys his life at IEAS.  He is receiving the care and nurturing he needs.  Animal Behaviorist, Louis Dorfman and IEAS Staff are not only caring for his dietary needs, but they are also caring for his emotional needs.  We are providing him with the source of security, comfort and affection he would normally get from his mother.

Thor is now enjoying his new habitat that consists of trees, grass, perches, a pool and other enrichment items for this young tike to enjoy.  His favorite spot by far has been his highest perch.  He enjoys lying up there and observing his surroundings.  Thor has benefited greatly from the Emotional Enrichment Program


Thor is at an age where he is still forming his opinion about humans.  So far he is comfortable with those he trusts but still unsure of those he doesn't know. 

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