Providing a Safe and Caring Environment for Exotic Animals



Part of the mission of IEAS is to educate the public. Not only do we educate the public about the fact that exotic animals do not make good pets or about the conservation issues affecting these animals in the wild, we also educate the public on the emotional needs of these animals. We accomplish this through our Emotional Enrichment Program. We feel that in order to properly care for these amazing animals, you need to care for the animal's emotional well-being, not just the bare essentials of a proper diet and veterinarian care.

One blip on an Internet search engine or one glitzy movie trailer can undo all the effort that the IEAS puts forth to educating the mass populous that these animals are not only exotic in their looks but also in their inherent natures. They are and always will be 100% instinctive and totally uninhibited. Our commitment to education is an uphill battle, but the information we offer is genuine and presented in the best posture for both the safety of the animals and those of you who admire them.


The American Association of Zookeepers, Inc. (AAZK) has honored the International Exotic Animal Sanctuary with the Certificate of Merit for Zookeeper Education (CMZE). The CMZE was founded by Jeff Roberts, 1976-1978, to compliment the work of the AAZK Education Committee that had formed at that time. The purpose of the award is to recognize individuals, institutions and organizations in the zoological community most actively promoting educational programs for zookeepers. The Intern Program was founded in 2002. Since then, we have become one of the country's leading facilities for internships working with exotic animals. We would like to thank the AAZK for this prestigious award. 


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