Providing a Safe and Caring Environment for Exotic Animals


How To Help

We have made it as easy as we can! We offer convenient ways of donating on our donation page. Remember, all contributions are tax deductible. Thanks for your help.

Wish List

Please take a moment to look at our Wish List. On this list, you will find the necessary items needed to make IEAS an even better facility. Perhaps you have some of these items, know someone who does or your business uses or sells these items. Your donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowable by law.


The Adopt-An-Animal program gives corporations and individuals the opportunity to adopt one or more IEAS animals. In addition to knowing that you have guaranteed the financial security of your selected animal, you will receive additional benefits for your adoption. Please call the office at 940-433-5091 for more information on this amazing opportunity to help the animals.



The sponsorship program gives corporations and individuals the opportunity to sponsor one of the animals and his/her habitat for a year. The sponsor will receive a 16x24 photo of the animal, recognition in the newsletter and website, a certificate and plaque displayed at IEAS, a 25 guest passes to visit the animal, unlimited accompanied visits with the animal for two people, and group tours for company employees or guests twice yearly.  To Sponsor a bear, the monthly fee is $700.  To sponsor a tiger or lion, the monthly fee is $600;  for a cougar, leopard or jaguar it is $500 monthly, and for a bobcat, serval or caracal, the cost is $400 a month.  Please contact us for more information.

Matching Gifts

Did you know that on average, one in every ten companies will match employee donations? By simply completing a matching gift form from your company and sending it to IEAS, you may be able to double the impact of your gift! Some companies will also match the donations of spouses, retirees, or volunteers. As you know, contributions of any amount will help the animals of IEAS, so we encourage you to take advantage of this wonderful program. Here we have listed some companies that we know participate in a matching program.


When you book a vacation through the Vacation 4 A Cause travel agency, they will donate to IEAS! The donation varies based on the type of trip, transportation, etc., but the average donation for a trip for a family of four is $300! This is amazing! Book your trips at to help the Sanctuary! Remember to select IEAS as your charity of choice! 

iGive Shopping

iGive is an awesome shopping resource for you and for IEAS. iGive partners with almost 1,400 popular stores to bring donations to nonprofits, and by shopping through iGive, you can bring those donations to the Sanctuary animals! iGive works by providing participating stores with an avenue to make a donation based on your purchases. Essentially, each store will donate a percentage of what you spend to a nonprofit of your choice! So, click here to visit and sign up to shop for IEAS (listed on iGive as "International Exotic Feline Sanctuary"). An even better idea? Download the iGive "Button!" This is an app that will automatically let you know when you are shopping at an iGive partnered store! It'll happen way more than you think (SO many stores to choose from), and it makes even less work for you! All you'll do is click to "shop through iGive" when the button prompts you, and you'll be directed right back to your online store. Then, when you make a purchase, the store will donate to IEAS! Click here to check out the Button!

Charity Motors Car Donation Program

The International Exotic Animal Sanctuary is now one of the charitable organizations participating in the Charity Motors Car Donation Program. People can donate a car they no longer want/need, receive a tax deduction, and designate IEAS to receive the proceeds from the sale of their car! If you are interested in participating in this program, please call Charity Motors at (972) CHARITY and designate IEAS as your charity.


Purchase a bracelet, necklace, or ring from the Sanctuary's Brave Page, and $10 will go directly to the IEAS animals! There are lots of beautiful peices to choose from! Check them out here


Charity Wicks

Charity Wicks has teamed up with IEAS, and now we are selling collectible candles, each featuring a unique scent and a beautiful picture of a Sanctuary resident! A portion of the proceeds from each candle sale will go to the IEAS animals! Click here to start shopping! 

Benefit Wines


IEAS has partnered with Benefit Wines to bring specialty wine to our supporters AND help the animals! Purchase these collectible wines as an awesome way to relax while raising money for the Sanctuary residents. Click here for more info!

Yellowbrick Mall

We have now partnered with Yellowbrick Mall to provide you with the best online shopping experience! When you click through to Yellowbrick Mall (from our site), and make a purchase, a portion of that purchase (the percentage or dollar amount listed under the merchant's name) goes to help the animals of IEAS! It's that easy!


See our volunteer page for more information and how to apply. It's a unique experience but lots of work from painting to digging post holes to mowing to raking, providing the animals with emotional enrichment...the list goes on and on!

Tom Thumb Reward Card

Remember, the IEAS number is 2074 when shopping at Tom Thumb. IEAS wants to thank all that have used their Good Neighbor Card as the animals are the benefactors of your shopping at Tom Thumb.

Kroger Plus Card


By using your Kroger Plus card you can enroll in their program that donates a percentage of your purchases to IEAS. Once a year you can go to After signing in, click "edit" under "Community Rewards" and search for us by either the number 80177 or the name "International Exotic Animal Sanctuary". You will be contributing towards our goal of providing our animal friends the best possible living accommodations and enhanced quality of life. If you need us to send you the printed instructions, please call the office at 940-433-5091 or email us at [email protected].  The new program year will begin on August 1 of each year.

Capital One

Are you a Capital One card holder? Capital One has developed the No Hassle Giving Site to provide Capital One card holders with a convenient way to donate to their favorite charities. Just click here to find out more about it! Go to the Donate Now section and type in International Exotic Animal Sanctuary into the Find a Charity field. You can easily donate to the Sanctuary using your credit card, or you can even donate your rewards.

eBay Giving Works

IEAS has teamed with eBay Giving Works to provide you with another way to help the animals of IEAS. If you buy or sell items on eBay, you can help! eBay Giving works is a fun, easy way to support our cause. Simply list an item on eBay, select IEAS to benefit, and choose the percentage you want to give. When your item sells, Missionfish will collect your donation, send it to IEAS, and provide you with a tax receipt. Make a difference and boost your sales at the same time - list an item with eBay Giving Works today!

Amazon Smile

Do you like to shop on Amazon? Well, now all of your shopping can raise money for IEAS! By linking your Amazon account to IEAS through Amazon Smile, they will donate a percentage of each of your purchases to the Sanctuary! Click this link to select IEAS as your charity of choice, OR you can visit Amazon Smile directly and search for us (you will have to search for International Exotic Feline Sanctuary). Please keep in mind that now, instead of going to to shop, you'll always need to go to! Same shopping, more supporting!



Shop at the Sanctuary's online gift shop! Find tons of different products made unique by pictures of the beautiful IEAS residents! Remember, if there is a specific product/picture combination that you'd like, shoot us an e-mail to [email protected], and we'll do our best to make it happen!
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