Providing a Safe and Caring Environment for Exotic Animals


How We Get Our Animals

SashaMost of the exotic animals that call the International Exotic Animal Sanctuary home have been abused, abandoned, neglected, confiscated, or previously owned by individuals unwilling or unable to provide for these magnificent animals. We not only rescue these wonderful animals, but we help them see they can trust humans again.  Everything we do at IEAS is for the animals.  We not only care for their physical and dietary needs but their emotional needs.  We do this through our Emotional Enrichment Program where we provide these animals with a source of security and comfort in turn gaining their trust.  Additionally, the Sanctuary has taken in two other exotic felines in need of a permanent home; a Snow leopard and an Amur leopard. They will contribute to our Educational Program. Both animals are on the endangered list; the Amur leopard is the rarest large feline in the world with only about 114 remaining on the planet.

  Hopefully with the help of these cats and the other animals of IEAS, the Sanctuary can educate the public about the value and worth of these sensitive, intelligent, and perceptive beings so that their future, along with that of all animals, as an important part of our world is insured.