Providing a Safe and Caring Environment for Exotic Animals


In Kind Gifts

Here at the International Exotic Animal Sanctuary, we are so thankful for donations of all kinds. Some people chose to donate money for the animals, while others help out by donating supplies. We are so grateful for the generosity and thoughtfulness of all of the following companies and individuals who have donated in kind gifts for the animals of IEAS. Please see our Wish List to see how you can help the cats and bears!

Lowes Decatur, TX Domino
Donates returned items that cannot be sold to IEAS.

BAYCO Products Inc. Wylie, TX
Dontated 12-50' extension cords

Office Depot Fort Worth, TX
Continuously donates free copies to IEAS. IEAS is able to print our Intern Handbooks and other educational materials at no cost.

TXI Dallas, TX
Donates cement and boulders for use in habitat construction. TXI also prints newsletters for IEAS.

The Home Depot Roanoke, TX
Donated lumber to be used for habitat construction.

Marketplace Boyd, TX and Bridgeport, TX
Donates produce daily for the bears of IEAS.

COSTCO Ft. Worth, TX
Donates produce for the bears of IEAS.
Dunn's Produce Rhome, TX
Donates produce daily for the bears of IEAS.
Walmart Azle, TX
Donates gift cards to IEAS.

Longtide Homes Fort Worth, TX
Donated mobile home steps to be used in our facility.

McMasters New Holland Decatur, TX
Donated oil for use in our weedeaters and chainsaws.

Root-Lowell Manufacturing Co. Lowell, MI
Donates bleach sprayers to IEAS for use in sanitizing the habitats and the tools used by the staff and interns of IEAS.

Unique Printing Services, Inc. North Richland Hills, TX Zippy
Continuously donates printed materials at no cost.

Hampton Products International Foothill Ranch, CA
In 2006, they donated 150 locks to be used for all of the habitats at IEAS. In 2010, Hampton Products donated another 150 locks to help replace the locks that had become worn and broken due to the extreme weather conditions.
Horizon Industries, Waxahachie, TX
Donated one dozen cool bandanas to help keep the staff and volunteers cool and safe during the hot summers.
House of Blades, Fort Worth, TX
Donated a large butcher knife to aid the staff in preparing feline diets.
Ron enjoys his fire hose ball
Fort Worth Fire Department, Fort Worth, TX
The animals of IEAS would like to thank the Fort Worth Fire Department for their generous donation of retired fire hoses. These fire hoses are used to make enrichment items that the animals love to play with!
Bissell Incorporated, Grand Rapids, MI
Mark J. Bissell, President
Donated a vacuum to help keep our preparation area clean and sanitary.
Sperian Protection Americas, Inc. Grove City, OH
Donated 12 bottles of Eyesaline for the safety of the staff and volunteers at IEAS. Arusha
Hopewell Oil Dallas, TX
Donates used oil field piping for use in habitat construction.
Wise County Electric Coop., Decatur, TX
Donated used telephone poles for construction of observation decks at Bear Orphanage.
Bella Pools, Howell, NJ
Donated a Dolphin Pro Automatic Pool Cleaner to aid in keeping our scenic pool clean and clear.

Project83 Cleaning Barnum's pool with the new pump
A very special thank you goes to Denny Swindle and Nick Francis of Project83 for designing and developing our website. Not only have they designed the website, but they have taken the time to teach the staff of IEAS to manage and control all aspects it. Project83 provides customized web development services to fill your every need! Contact them today!
Northern Tools + Equipment, Burnsville, MN  Donated a Powerhorse Semi-Trash Water Pump that is needed to clean many of the pools for the animals.  They also donated a power drill in 2012 to assist in building new houses for the animals.

Vector, Fort Worth, TX
Donated a CUTCO knife to aid us in preparing diets for the animals of IEAS.

yellowbook, Cedar Rapids, IA
Jim Zeal, Assoc. Brand Manager

Thank you to yellowbook for displaying an advertisement for the
Sanctuary on the front cover of the yellowbook.

North Richland Hills Farmer's Market, North Richland Hills, TX
Robert and Annette Lee
Donate produce and pumpkins for the animals of IEAS. Intern enjoying our Winter gloves

Youngstown Glove Co., Agoura Hills, CA
Donated five pairs of Waterproof Winter gloves for interns to use during the cold winter months.

Rust-Oleum Corporate Headquarters, Vernon Hills, IL
Donated 25 gallons of paint to be used for various projects around
the Sanctuary.

Edgecraft Corporation, Avondale, PA
Donated a Chef'sChoice electric knife sharpener to aid the diet
preparation for the animals of IEAS. Erica gives Noel fresh water

Swan Hose Company, Bucyrus, OH
Donated three 100' hoses to be used at the Sanctuary.  Also in 2015, they donated 8 hoses to the sanctuary. 

Sears Hometown Dealer, Azle, TX
Donated two 100' hoses to be used at the Sanctuary.

GS Liquid Technologies, LLC, Cleburne, TX
Donated 22 pallets of beach to aid in keeping the Sanctuary safe and sanitary for all the animal residents.

Rainbow Plant Sales, Saginaw, TX
A special thank you goes to Melanie Compton of Rainbow Plant Sales for donating seasonal items such as pumpkins and Christmas trees. These items are used as enrichment for the cats and bears of IEAS, and they LOVE them! We are so grateful to Rainbow Plant Sales for donating these items each year.

Saginaw Outdoor Power Equipment, Saginaw, TX
Donated a Stihl weed-eater to help maintain the grounds at the Sanctuary. Thank you!

ECHO Incorporated, Lake Zurich, IL
Donated a chainsaw to help with various projects around the Sanctuary. Thank you for your generosity!

Keon Robertson, Austin, TX
Donated a Land Rover that can be used for traveling to meetings, presentations, and public appearances as well as very useful for pick ups and transportation of some IEAS goodies! Thank you so much for your support!

Jig-A-World, Inc., Canada
Donated 12 cases of Jig-A-Loo lubricant to aid in maintaining different equipment and machinery throughout the Sanctuary.

Robb Blackard and GDT Manufacturing, LLC, Dallas, TX
Christine Herrera

Thank you to Robb Blackard and GDT Manufacturing, LLC for donating several large wooden spools to be used as enrichment for the cats and bears of IEAS. We'd also like to thank Christine Herrera for this wonderful idea she had and for transporting two trailer loads of spools from Dallas to IEAS. Thank you!!

Old Will Knott Scales, Nothglenn, CO
Donated a portable scale to aid us in preparing diets for the felines and bears of IEAS.  Thank you for your generous donation!

Prefco Distribution, Houston, TX
Donated approximately two tons of chicken and beef for the feline residents of IEAS.  Thank you Prefco for this amazing donation!

Grainger Industrial Supply, Dallas, TX
Donated a wheelbarrow to help IEAS staff, interns, and volunteers with various projects throughout the Sanctuary.  Wheelbarrows are a key item
in completing many tasks such as building caves and repairing pools!  Thank you!

Howard's Fire Protection Inspections, L.L.C., Battle Creek, MI
Donated fire extinguisher cabinet replacement covers to be used throughout the Sanctuary.  These will help keep our fire extinguishers protected and in working condition.  Thank you!

Daniel Stapes
Donated his 1990 Ford Probe to the Sanctuary.  We can use this generous donation for the interns who fly in and need a vehicle to run errands and for our Community Outreach Program.
Thank you so much!

Saginaw United Methodist Church
This generous church donated their leftover pumpkins from a yearly pumpkin drive to the animals of IEAS! Thanks so much! 

Brian Estok of E-Z Products, Cave Creek, AZ
Mr. Estok made a personal donation on behalf of E-Z Products of Fast Set White Pool Plaster to help repair the pools for animals such as the tigers and bears of IEAS.  Thank you! 

Knife Depot, Prairieville, LA
Donated a Chef'sChoice Trizor Professional Chef's Knife to aid in preparing the diets for the amazing animals of IEAS.  Thank you!

Home Depot, Euless, TX
Donated three $25 gift cards for the animals of IEAS.  Thank you!

AGvantage, Decatur, TX
Donated a 75ft. hose and 7 bags of wooden post insulators for our electric fencing.  Thank you!

Flexovit Abrasives, Angola, NY
Donated 100 chop saw cut off blades and 50 grinding wheels to be used in construction projects throughout the Sanctuary.  This donation will be extremely helpful in one of our current task of rebuilding houses for several animals of IEAS.  Thank you!

Q&C Supply LLC, Schuyler, NE
Donated a bottle of fire ant killer to help keep the animals safe and comfortable in their habitats. 

Monterey Lawn & Garden Products, Inc., Fresno, CA
Donated a bottle of Garden Insect Spray to help protect the plants which help provide shade for the animals. 

UDAP Industries, Inc., Butte, MT
Donated Bear Spray to aid keepers in taking necessary safety precautions when working with the bears of IEAS.
Donated 200 wrist bands to help spread the word and show support for IEAS. Thank You. Visit them at

AGS Company, Muskegon, MI
Donated 4 cases of Lock-Ease that we use to maintain the cranks, locks and counter-weights around the sanctuary. 

Station 39 - Brock-Dennis VFD and Chief Travis Scrimshire
Donated used fire hose to the Sanctuary for building enrichment items such as hammocks and fire hose balls for the animals! Thanks! 

ULINE Shipping Supply, Pleasant Prairie, WI
Donated 10 cases of bleach to help keep our pools clean and sanitized. 
AmeriCare, LLC, North Charleston, SC
Rae Anne Leimbach
Donated 21 boxes of gloves to assist us in diet prep.

A thru Z Consulting and Distributing Inc., Tucson, AZ
Dontated two rolls of 10.5 gauge welded wire mesh. 

Lubriplate Lubricants Company, Plano, TX
Dontated four cans of Chain and Cable Fluid Penetrating Oil the can be used to maintain the cranks and counter-weights around the sanctuary. 

Ride Tool Co., Elyria, OH
Dontated two pipe wrenches

Target, Ft. Worth, TX
Dontated $50 gift card to assist in Annual Bake Sale

Edge Safety Eyewear, Layton, UT
Dontated ten pairs of protective eyewear.

Premier 1 Supplies, Washington, IA
Dontated a dozen heat lamp bulbs that are used during the wintern for our pump houses and in some of the animals' houses.  

Haviland Corp., Linn, MO
Dontated six squeegees to help with cleaning and sanitizing houses. 

Macro Plastics, Fairfield, CA
Dontated 12 crates to help organize the produce for the bears. 

Rehrig Pacific Co., Los Angeles, CA
Dontated 100 crates to help organize the produce for the bears. 

Sit Stay, Lincoln, NE
Dontated 15 bottles of pollock oil which is supplement for the bears to help shed their winter coat and keeps their coat looking healthy. 

Life Line Pet Nutrition Inc., Gig Harbor, WA
Dontated four gallons of wild Alaskan fish oil which is supplement for the bears to help shed their winter coat and keeps their coat looking healthy.

Northern Tool & Equipment Co., Burnsville, MN
Dontated $200 gift card for materials. 

Otto Environmental

Otto Environmental
Donated several Jolly Balls used for enrichment. 


Donated several bales of hay for feeding our Capybara.


BuzzParent -
Donates a portion of its revenue back to Non-Profits like IEAS.