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Fancy A Glass of Wine?

Date: 10-09-2013

Fancy a glass of wine?
How about one that helps the IEAS animals?
The International Exotic Animal Sanctuary recently partnered up with Benefit Wines to bring support to the animals and wine to YOU! 
With specially designed IEAS labels, these six varieties of wine are ready for you to pour a glass! With each purchase, a specified percentage of the total cost goes directly to helping the IEAS animals. With the holidays sneaking up on us, this is the perfect time to think about those animal lovers in your life. What better gift than a specialty bottle of wine with profits that benefit some truly amazing animals? There are even sample and collector’s packages available for those wanting to get the full experience. These would even make great gifts for employees, customers, or additions to a holiday work or family party!
We greatly appreciate any purchases you make for IEAS from Benefit Wines, and we hope that these specialty wines bring happiness to you and yours during the holidays and year round! Remember, with each sip, you know you helped the incredible animals living at the International Exotic Animal Sanctuary!
Click below to check out the selection of wines and start shopping!


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