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Help Feed the Animals!

Date: 11-02-2014

Food costs have been rising here at IEAS, and we're turning to you for aid in alleviating the extra expenses!

With the Sanctuary's recent increase in bear residents to 28 bears, we've been going through donated produce faster than usual! Now, with the bears preparing for winter, they have begun to increase their consumption. As such, we have had to begin purchasing extra produce (on top of the wonderful donations from local grocery stores) in order to maintain their nutritious and complete diets.

An additional increased expense in our budget has come after market prices for beef have gone up causing our meat costs to rise by 16%. Meat prices alone this year will account for more than 25% of our total budget. The meat we purchase for the carnivorous residents of IEAS is specially formulated for exotic animals and provides all the necessary nutrition they need. Typically, the amount of meat that each cat receives in one feeding increases as the weather cools, helping them keep energy levels up and stay warm, so we can only expect our meat costs to continue to rise!

With your help, we can ease the increasing costs of food for the amazing animals we all know and love. Every little bit counts, so please consider helping us reach our goal of raising $5,000! Keep in mind that $3,000 will feed all of the Sanctuary's feline residents for two weeks, and $1,000 will feed all of the bears for one month, so $5,000 will go a long way! Thank you to all who contribute to this project! Animals and staff of IEAS truly appreciate your support!

Click HERE to visit the project page for this fundraiser on and make a donation!

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