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Pumpkin Season has Arrived

Date: 10-02-2012

Well, pumpkin season has arrived, and that means Fall fun for the animals at IEAS!  This time of year, everyone sees pumpkins as decorations whether it be for fall or Halloween. Well, here at IEAS, we use the pumpkins for a very different reason…Enrichment! 
For the bears of IEAS, pumpkins are a sweet delight added to their diets. The Grizzly bears are particularly fond of the pumpkins. It is always the first thing they go to. Bill, an American Black bear, has already received a few pumpkins this Fall, and he has enjoyed each and every one of them! 

While the bears enjoy eating the pumpkins, the cats have a blast tearing them apart. Year after year they never cease to amaze us with how they react to their new, seasonal enrichment.  A few cats seem to enjoy them more than others. Nala loves playing with her pumpkin, tossing it back and forth, before shredding it. Kim and Karen will dive into their pool with their pumpkin and splash around with it. It is quite entertaining to watch these guys have such fun with their pumpkins! 

So remember, as Fall is winding down, bring your old pumpkins to IEAS so these amazing animals can have a little fun of their own! These pumpkins provide the felines perfect behavioral enrichment, allowing the cats to pounce, play, hunt, and sink their teeth into something fun! The bears get to mimic their habits that would take place in wild environments, finding food and digging in, making the pumpkins perfect environmental enrichment for them!



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