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Winter Weather Has Arrived

Date: 02-28-2015

As many know, Texas weather is unpredictable. It can be sunny and 70 degrees one day and raining and cold the next day. This winter season is no different. It has been a pretty mild winter this year, even for Texas. However, this past week has brought the winter weather in full force. Monday and Tuesday we had a couple of inches of ice fall. While the animals didn’t seem bothered by the slick stuff that fell, this weather brought specific challenges for the keepers and interns. We had to use torches to get the gates and locks to work during feeding. Then the interns went around with a large, metal bar to break the waters allowing access for the animals. 
After two days of below freezing weather, the sun came out and we had a high of almost 50 degrees. Needless to say all the ice was gone, and we were able to get back to our normal routine. However, the nice weather didn’t last, snow greeted us Friday morning. While most of the cats were snuggled in their warm houses during the snow fall, there were a few who were out enjoying the flurries. The bears didn’t seem fazed by the snow. While we offer straw-filled caves for all the bears to enjoy, many chose to act like wild bears and lay in their bear-made beds under the trees. Some, like Scooter, were even napping up in the trees. 
We wanted to share the pictures from this week winter weather at IEAS. 




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